Tekster – Can´t Help It

Tekster – Can´t Help It



Allan Sørensen

Hello baby now I´am back in town
Won´t you meet me tonight
I can not get you out of my head
I hope you´ll stay here all night

I still remember first time we met
You took me by surprise
Been looking forward to see you again
We’re gonna take the price

Tonight tonight tonight it’s gonna be alright
Tonight tonight tonight we’re gonna make it right

This is thi only place I know
Here in your hometown
I don’t care where ever we go
As long as I’m together with you yeah with you



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I saw a lady on her way
she’s bound for yesterday
asked if that’s the right way to go
she said how come I should know
I’m searching for the better times
to know the way and see the signs

When every face was a light
and every sound a lasting laughter
we danced the day into nights
and were the things we were after

There were so many dreams to fullfill
there were lots of songs to be sung
in the lazy summer of ’68
when all we built on was made

And when birds tuned with faces
and parties lasting till dawn come
we filled out all the spaces
between what’s real and what is wrong



Allan Sørensen

I´ve been working, I´ve been working for so long
I´ve been fighting, I´ve been fighting for so long

Now I´m retired, have changed my life
spending most time with my wife

Now it´s time to slow down
spend my time away from the town
playing golf and riding my bike,
take a nap and go for a hike

I still write a song or two
and do all the things to do
walk the dog along the sea
enjoy being happy and free



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You´ll never look the same
and I don´t know your name
thou` I love you every day
you´re not here to stay

You´re the winds across the street
in harmony with busy feet
you´re a many hundred faces
seen in freaky places

Oh, you´re water, ice and flame
superlove and little miss manyname
and your feet never stop their run
your smile is turning rain into sun



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

It’s a rainy day today
emty streets of mud and clay
on the frozen silverscreen
you can hear the deaf sirenes

In the deserts of this land
a wind to cold to hold in hand
on the hills lonely bare trees
too tall for any eye to seize

He’ll make it up for now
pack it in somehow
pick up a drink
no matter what the people think
throw his cards
leave the chair
walk away to anywhere
– find new starts …



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You do not know it yet
but I intend to leave you
just in the middle
of the only word I know
and it is love

I pray you now just to avoid
any reasons or goodbye scenes
and for god’s sake
no tears or sighs
when we depart

I could use so many terms
to describe this step of mine
but that’s no use
I´m just leaving you
while the wild geese
makes an eternal haiku here
against the falling sun
and our life is done
try to play it cool

When you are sitting reading this
you may say that all your pride
goes before a call
but that is not the point at all



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Eyelids hold back every tear
and many things don’t look so queer
whenever you’re around, my dear
problems seem to disappear

You give me sunshine
to help me make it thru’ the day
even when the dawn
say hallo to evening grey

The shadows in my living tomb
predicting sorrow days of doom
don’t seem that long and grey of gloom
whenever you’re around my room

You bring me sweet joy
to help me stand the saddest hours
Whenever you’re around
the ill weeds turn into flowers



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I didn´t see your shadow leave the room
as you walked out to meet the rain
I didn´t hear the mirror break your face
when you walked out to kiss the pain

I could have told you straight away
that years are growing fast
and time is never gonna last

But you must not forget my love
that babies are still born
and spring is still the time for us to smile
….even right now



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I see you paint the sky
adorn the past with stars
you turn the truth to lie
every kiss is like a scar

Here in death of winter
when fall has said goodbye
I stand clear and restless
watching snowflakes leave the sky

I need not count the hours
and behind my puzzled brain
I can feel the hidden flowers
waiting patiently for rain



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I saw a monkey
sittin upright
underneath a tree
and an elephant
was laughing
at such a sight to see

I heard a cuckoo
in the woodbines
right outside my place
and the sound I heard
kept reminding of
the open space

The cuckoo and the monkey
dancing hand in hand
to the sound from the trumpet
blown by the elephant

Here’s the song they sang
as my heart did obey their command:
Don’t live in dreams at night
life is like a thriller
don’t sleep without light
or nature is your killer

Then I sat me down
to testify
my doings in the past
as sunset came
mine was the only
shadow to be cast



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Suddenly a sun and the winds bore tidings new
the rain had gone and the grey mist
turned to blue

„Wise owl“ she said
„how come tidings are all new“
the owl shook his head
replying just by waving wings
and pointing at the blue
Wise owl – wise owl

In midst of all a maiden fair came dancing by
a tower dark and tall neath which an owl
in solitude did cry



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I want to be the lucky guy
to kiss you wet and dry you dry
I wish to be the only one
to wash your hair when rain won´t come

Watch the new sun up above
look forward to our summerlove
see what futuretimes will bring
agree with me that spring is everything

I will give laughter to your smile
and make all the strong words mild
I shall make you many a rhyme
and turn yesterday´s rain into wine

Watch the new sun ……

I will sing and play my flute
and change the wrong keys to cute
do fly with me and my simple tune
winter´s gone and spring will be here soon



Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

I was standing at the crossroad
when a guy right next to me
said: Friend, spare a moment
won’t you listen to me please?
you know I lost my woman
and now I’m bad as can be.

Well, you know I loved that woman
loved to have her by my side
bad sickness done took her
no matter what they tried
wouldn’t nothing help her
and she lay down and died.

All the sorrow and all the pain
let’s hope tomorrow will shine again
from where you stand, you’ll have to find
the right way out to clear your mind

I don’t want your pity
don’t you cry or shed no tear
it’s just nite an’ day I’m wond’rin
where do I go from here?
so I’m stuck here on my own, yeh
with no direction home!

I was standing at the crossroad
heaven help me if I know
what to tell a total stranger
‘bout which way he should go.
friend – I said – it’s clear
you’re payin’ mity heavy dues
I guess it’s fair to say that –
you got them crossroad blues!



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

When he wa a child
his dreams were all wild
creatures strange and red
filling up his tiny head

Now all questions have come thru´
he sits and dreams of times he knew
when joy was joy and blue was blue

Ooo ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

His days were all blue
lollipops rainbous and glue
it was a time yes it was
when he lived in the land of because

Now all questions have come thru´
he sits and dreams of times he knew
when joy was joy and blue was blue

Ooo ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

We see it in his face
his eyes with frozen tears
what do we really trace
is it loneliness he fears

Now all questions have come thru´
he sits and dreams of times he knew
when joy was joy and blue was blue

Ooo ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Blue was blue



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

When the evening shades they do fall
and the cuckoos they do start to call
I fill the fountains of my mind
and sail away into the night

Here I think and think again
of the time we used to spend
but these days have all passed by
as the former ways of you and I

Deep inside this dew
I see it all a new
the woods so green, my mind so clean
the words so wide but life so tight

I do not live here
but beyond some land of fear