Tekster – Early Bird

Tekster – Early Bird



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I try to reach you
through the window pane
like monkeys the a zoo
you sit inside a frame
of faces dim and white
and bodies swung so tight

It´s hard for me to even think of you
when you´re so far away
I´d like you to be just a bit more free
and be a part of me

You the underground girl
be part of my wondersound world

Automatic wall
hindrance for us all
hear the wistle call
it´s not a mirror that we need
dicision so unclear
shades to hide our fear
till parting time is near
it´s a vision that won´t bleed

You the underground girl
be part of my wondersound world


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Round the corner
hurry up the stairs
fix your dress
and comb your greasy hair
tell your girl
you’re as strong
as she’s young

Play the games
dance the dames
steal a kiss
pick up some date
bless the world
you live in
don’t you give in

Go on play them lovesick blues
enjoy your hot summer screws
you’re as strong as you’re young
you’ll get dues to pay
before too long


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I seek your crystal eyes
behind a sudden sky of blackness
but everything I trace
wears the face of forgotten sadness

Lady the dream and hope
is what we have to hang on to now
and it is not enough
to kiss you and forget it somehow

It´s still lazy saturday
the sun has left the afternoon
the cars stroll down the highway
heading for a brand new day
we must find some other way
hope it will track us soon


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

He is watching her
she is watching him
they raise no eyebrows here
and departure time is near
that is all there is for now

What he sees in her
what she sees in him
that´s not the question now
it belongs to empty yesterday
they turn around without a sound

He is entering the fog
the fog creeps into him
he seeks for wider space
beyond the nightwhite face
that is all there is for now

She´s still standing there
she´s still watching him
as if eyes could reach him now
as if love matters anyhow
she turns around without a sound

That is all but what will happen afterwards
will she still take omens from the birds….


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Today has been a lovely day
from early morning the sun began to rise
this happened in this very season
you still do not believe, love

Well yet I see the swans
the white swans as swaying sails
kept their heads up into the wind
proud unbending the wind was strong

It was long long ago
the winds were strong
I remember their song
I felt it on my chin
it curled my hair
will that be proof enough to you ?

The young ones believe me
they walked along the lakes
hands hidden in hands
feet walking naked in the sands

The air was smile in smile
loving words in windy arabesques
the leaves they whispered aloud
we were young and so very proud


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Babyboys playing gently on a sunday
as you’re walking to fill the day but time, friend
is vanishing and it’s OK for you to walk my way

Saturday leaping slowly into sunday
sleeping softly thru my monday like snowfields
growing green and I can see you smiling at the sunrise now

You don’t need to make a promise if you don’t intend to keep

Saturday all day come june come even may it’s the same anyway
saturday all day


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

The snowflakes of nowaday
melting on the windowpane
the scenery of yesterday
will never stay the same

So throw you pen and paper cross the floor
the words don´t need a name
songs of light can give much more
than rhymes forced to live inside a frame

You must see the land
shining yond the candlelight
and fulfill the dreams
you never dared express
go take the nearest hand
and you´ll be two to fight the fright
do explode into the things you used to suppress


Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

Five ships bound for Rome
on their way home
with ocean still to cross and overcome

Seagulls far ahead
the papers that they read
said nothing ´bout the storm that was to come

I won´t change my way of living
though my seahorse all run dry
´cause I know I´ll be a sailor till I die

The shark is back again
best beware my friend
he´ll see that you don´t try to run away

I won´t change my way of living…….

I wouldn´t be a blindman
for all the fish in China
and let the yellow stream go passing by

I won´t change my way of living…….


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

It´s already wellknown by now
that she´s the daughter of goddess
you may never ever tell anyhow
as the words she speaks are modest

It´s already wellknown by now
that her mind belongs to the skies
it´s no need to bend or make a bow
she´s already said her goodbye

You´ve got to stand the pain alone
and try to keep what you remember
she can´t give her freedom a new home
so your game must find a new member

This is the time
to keep your illusions
this is the time
to wake your confusions
this is the time
to believe wrong is right
this is the time
to keep it all in sight


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Sleep now
forget the times you used to cry
hating all the games of people
hurrying through your small life
all those who never had the time
to give to you a hello

Sleep now
alone with your dreams of yore
wondering why it all went wrong
all the games you refused to play
with people craving more and more
as they never dared face the facts

Sleep now
the old hopes have flown
their wings fill up the room
and the sound of the past is fading out
like candles in the rain
that used to brighten up our gloom

You don´t hear the sound of man
or the rain outside your door
as tight as the night


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Hi hello my friend
the sun is blotted out
I hear the birds no longer shout
looking out again
the stars stopped to shine
well, that’s true I see no moon

So come here my friend
rejoice take my hand
you need not know to understand
say what you may say
your ears hear grasses growing
I make your way thru spring and snow

You cannot see my face
but you can feel my hands embrace
you and me are friends and that’s just fine
You cannot see my eyes
be sure they tell you no lies
you and me are friends and that’s just fine


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

It´s quiet now between two
who eventually said stop
cause one of them realized
the other has had enough

They still sleep in the same bed
but no more dreams to share
cause one of them realized
the affair was too tough to bear

Distant drums keep sounding through his weary head
the room is full of words that she just said
all is ready for a silence stopped to cease
he is left in lonelyness to decide which clue to seize

They still rise with the sun
and say hello to eachother
but if they would meet at night
they had stopped to bother…..


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

The old sun is still everywhere,
shining bright and taking care
that you never burn your skin

The pale moon on the silverscreen
breeding snowflakes in the summerstream
that´s why mornings are all dim

The rainbow in the emptyness
hides the money we´re searching
to use in games we never win

Like time we keep on keeping on
yesterday, tonight, today
our love, a flower needing rain
like a dying treetop


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You can whisper in the quiet it has no name
when you sit and make love in the evening flame
you can trust the quiet it´s always the same
when you tell the silence that you know my name

You can tell the wind that you love my tonque
and the answer will be that you can´t be wrong
tou can tell the air that you do love my mind
and the sky will tell you to step inside

But anyway does it matter it´s all just a dream
about your mind and me
a dream dreamt from morning to night
a vision keeping you in sight
of my mind

In the timeless quiet I will cry alone
I will wish our voices will meet in the air
and then our waves will be rolling about
in the clear wide ocean af everywhere


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Take a tip
from one who tried
to live a life
when deadmen killing time
smash your hope and TV-set
may fantasy still please you

Take a trip
to times of old
when summer warmed
and snow came down in time
you were young and so was time
sun and sky came down for you

Don´t you dare
to open any door
when bells they chime
and dust falls right on time
you are old and so is time
sun and sky is killing you

Sun and sky in time
the clock has stuck again
sun and sky in time
watch out my friend


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Some birds were flying backwards in the sky
while we ate our breakfast and didn’t see
and noone heard the sad old lady’s cry
she loved her birds like you are loving me

Like pretty white ballons they flew away
she gave them food and she cleaned up their room
still they said goodbye… didn’t care to stay
to make her full with joy instead of gloom

I made the coffee you made the bed
she climbed the steepest hills in the rain and sun
hoping they’d recognize her voice or head
even if she knew they’d always be gone

One day a sough was heard in our yard
we forgot the scrambled eggs and went to see
a nest build by birds with kindest regards
she lay inside paralyzing you and me…

She tied them up like white balloons
prasing sky with naked tunes
and when they let go her hand
who were we to know and understand


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

The trees wear bougs
and fields feed cows
the sun blinds the eye
so we can’t see
where it’s best to hide

Stolen cars drove along
and wild horses flung
the sky began to scream
it just coulden’t be
no it had to be a dream

I tried to dream
myself a lightyear off
alone with you
but whereever we woke
he would be there too

The snakes run wild
long since we smiled
in dark were we missed
the lips of all we loved
but never kissed

I tried to dream…..


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Sitting in the dawn of the day
you fade like songs of past
I close my weary eyes for to pray
that life may come my way at last

Writing songs of love at night
silent like a bird in rain
Searching for a shelter varm and tight
it kissed me and woke my brain

Taking time ti place the flowers
drinking wine to fill the hours
awaiting you like sunshine thru the showers…

The sun is setting in the west
and I long to see my mornings blessed…


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I need not write a song
to tell you where on earth I am
because you know you´re the sea
that keep on rolling thru´ my sand

I need not write a song
to tell you spring will come again
because you know I´m the fruit
to bloom and wither in your rain

I need not write a song
to tell you death will come our way
because we know we live a life
that we shorten day by day by day
day by day
day by day