Tekster – Just A Matter Of Time

Tekster – Just A Matter Of Time



Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

There are pinewoods deep enough
to cover any tree
we have signposts clear enough
to tell us where to be

Still we keep on keep on
searching blindly to be free
and we keep on keep on
being part of what we see

There are sunbeams strong enough
to tan up all the pane
we have stormwinds cool enough
to freshen all the stale

But we keep on keep on
storing history and tale
whilst taping taping
songs of dove and nightingale

taping – songs of dove and nightingale


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

There´s a spider
hanging in her web
and a fly alive
it never will forget

There´s a wind
sweeping so strange
among the trees
who try to test their range

A storm is raging
out on open seas
while the sun forgets
everything it sees

And a man is walking
aimlessly about
be silent now and you
may hear what he shouts:

I´ve walked a lot
but always end up
at this very spot
yet it´s all I´ve got
. …so tell me how
please tell me how can I stop….


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

An old lady
ancient canary dreams
leftover rocking chair
the room´s shady
no piercing sunbeams
go to visit her there

She´s just herself
the past her only company
to die is a way to survive
dust upon her shelf
signs of how it used to be
in the clean prims of her life

Old ladies in shady rooms
dying dolls in future tombs
life stories in dated cartoons
told in their dusty saloons


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

We see the silent laughter grow
a smile is opening a mouth
your teeth are old forgotten snow
thew winds do blow up from south

Your mask is but a face
you gently took from one
walking ´round in empty space
with hollow eyes of dying sun

What have you seen
where have you been
please tell it to us all
break down your own wall
do obey your praying call
then you´ll get the evedence
you – you, you won´t need a fence

We watch the mountain towers high
sunshine spring and wellknown dove
raindrops cry in your cobweb eye
falling on the deserts you call love

We hear the echos of a coming war
behind the picture of a love that flew
reflecting things you say you adore
but not a film showing who is you


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

that never answer
when you hold them against your ears
hollow eyes
that’ll never see the smiles
you send thru streams of tears

you must walk alone
as she is much too scared
to fight the nights that use to come
when you’re awake in caustic lights

Lady by the sun
by the time sets softly
we’ll have candles to watch by
and when the old songs fade slowly
we’ll sing new songs to help us die


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Nobody saw her
standing in the mist
a sad old yestergirl
in a carefree wold
no one dared missing
and the traffic
kept on hissing

She must have waited
all her life it seems
her hair not black or grey
in fall brown like hey
at night white as dreams
full of princes
knights and fair queens

A friendly hand
from you wouldn’t
make her cry oh you gents
come on… try
a prudent smile
and she’d live another while
come on and give her your smile
and you’ll live better for a while

She’s better breathing
when days turns into nights
she’s better dreaming
when sky’s out of sight
she’s always talking
as if it’s allright
if it’s allright


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

All the sinners
they are dead
and all the starving
people fed
so they claimed
then I said
how come the good times
seem so far ahead

All the plans
that we once had
have turned from
happy ones to sad
so we say
what can you add
besides the boring words
it can´t be that bad

Here we walk
in the time of the birds
who can´t fight the wind or the rain
hear them talk
to your mind with words
that never did visit their brain


Allan Sørensen

Is a beauty to me
The red dress she wears
And her long blonde beautiful hair

When she´s with me
The skies are blue
And the sun will give me a clue

Is there for me
Always so kind
And ease my worried mind

Is the woman for me
I think about her day and night
I just wanna hold her tight

I will love her forever
I will always be there
I´ll be true now and ever
And I will always be fair


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Upon the ship
you stood with lips
forming a goodbye
back on the shore
they stood with eyes
of how dare you try

In the waters
between us the faces
of why must we die
the leaving ship
sat up to our sun
and you close the eye

Love and wind
to you onboard the ship
you, who place your ideals high


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

When captain Bowie flung
his knife upon the floor of Alamo
the scene was set and bound
for strife for friends as well as unknown foe

When warlord Nelson lost
one eye and found Trafalgar rather square
neither he nor merry Britain
ceased fire or seemed to be aware

And when Hitler realized
he lost the battle of bright Berlin
he called it schloss and played the boss
like some mean old blind Merlin

The bells of past are going to chime
undone deeds still hold the line
menace money love and wine
matter most of all in time
matter most of all in time
matter most of all in time


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

From my window
a flower was falling
in the street
silence keeps calling
go spread your leaves
and bloom like orchards do
cause if you don’t
the cries of silent day is killing you…

The moon is out
exposing everything
in the sun
I hear your stamen sing
I watch the sign
and then I walk away
I’ll go and seek you there
here words shall sound for you to hear…

It’s winter again
snowflakes hiding you
on the lawn
no sight of you at all
inside they’re selling
love and hate to keep
but I ned not go buying
I’ll wait for sun to wake your sleep…

Sunlight creeping yond the hill
the wind is sleeping in the mille
swallows flying low tonight
but I’ll stay to love you still
in shadows when sun is out of sight


Allan Sørensen

The way you walk
The way you talk
The way you look at me

The way you dress
The way you flash
The way you smile at me

My heart´s on fire
My heart´s on fire

The way you move
The way you groove
The way you hold my hand

Vers The way you´re there
The way you care
The way you make me feel

My heart´s on fire
My heart´s on fire

And whenever I am blue
You make me feel secure
You take my blues away
And ev´ry time I´m close to you
I got no blues, for sure
You do it ev´ry day

The way you look
The way you cook
The way you feed me off

The way you smile
The way you style
The way you´re kissing me


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Here in this to-night
while the moon is bleeding
paleness and eternity
I sit and think of poetry
and do not write it down
a waste as lovely as the light

Finally I do write
the words af early morning
and my eyes they open wide
a look into a hazy dream
of cobwebs freshly sparkling
a waste as lovely as the night

And what a sight
when I drown into my words
as high and slender trees
in slanting rays of sunshine
coming from the gentle east
still, a waste as lovely as the light

Vanished has the night
and out there inside the grass
alone and naked and so free
you, I feel my eyes do se
as a part of my evening poetry
oh, a waste as lovely as the night


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Jamming cars and hung-up phones
and kinfolk left to live alone
Stars at night and dreams of sand
and someone fighting hard
to prove that he’s a man

Glitter boots and glamour sounds
stealing light taking turns and rounds
Catastrophe is at hand
and my feet buried all in
ashes soft as sand

Winners have nothing to gain
cripples waiting to be slain
my head is burning like hell
still my eyes refuse
what my senses tell

We once knew sun
and welcomed the rain
to mark that the seasons have changed
but the trees are dying on the hills
as we swallow future in a pill


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

It’s quiet in this room
outside a faceless moon
I’m sitting by myself
the books are sleeping on the shelf
and it’s nighttime once again

Oh what a busy day
no-one has had his way
we spoke too many words
few or nobody really heard
now it’s nighttime once again

Tide is rushing in
on a beach I’d never seen
Clouds carrying the sky
in the dark no need asking why
cause it’s nighttime once again

Still silent in my room
the cock is crowing soon
I haven’t slept at all
the sun is up ready to call
and it’s deadline once again


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Dream your dreams
scream your screams
just live your life
and enjoy the strife
cause you seldom gets
just what you want
and your knife is always blunt

Take your time
and keep in mind
to drink the wine
or it’ll grow sour
and stones will devour
what the sun won’t drink
it’s more than you may think

You must find someone
to help you sing the song
the going’s not forever
as the season of the weather
hand in hand is not enough
cause what we play is blind man’s buff