Tekster – Songs From My Past

Tekster – Songs From My Past


CD 1


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You find me sitting here
my face is fading out
dawn is near
very soon the cock will shout
and we don’t know where to go

tapping on the silverpane
echoes of the sowing rain
in this misty haze
I try to guess my own name
and we don’t know where to go

And if I were to do just what I wanted to
I’d forget about the past only present would last
and we don’t know where to go

Now spring is left behind
a year dies fast you know
I know we changed in mind
we’re leaving in afterglow
and we don’t know where to go


Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

Life’s no game and it’s out to get you
that’s what I hear everybody say
and I try to make the best
of whatever pointless act I play thru’out the day

But there’s one thing and it keeps me going
it will turn the darkest nite to blue
and you heart lights up with gladness
like some sudden stroke of madness it possesses you

The lonely nites, I tell you, that’s the worst time
they will really turn you inside out
sleep can seem so far away
pretty soon you’ll wind up wand’ring restlessly about

When you feel it then you know it
love has come our way
shout about it – tell the world that
it’s your lucky day
if you hesitate, it might be too late
love is now – time will tell you how


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Once you were a sea
to deep to even swim in
now you´re race I try to run
but never win

Once you were a forest
where I lost my way
now you´re the night delaying
sunshine and the day

Once you were the alley
here I grew so strong
but now you´re a city
and I don´t know where to belong,
where to belong

Whereever you may go
and whoever you´ll get to know
listen to my tune
of memories from agesless past
so doggone bound to live and last
listen to my tune


Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

Now and then I feel this way
what it is, I can´t explain
No matter what, it won´t go away
I´m afraid it´ll bring me more pain

What is up and what is down
used to know my way around
Now I´m all tumbled and turned
something tells me I might get burned

Strange feeling deep here inside
Strange feeling all through the night
Strange feeling oh could it be love?


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Now summersaults and lizards trails
are what is left of summerdays
when everyone was having fun
and time was something left undone

Wintertime is where you are
frozen smiles and ice blue stars
and time is someone passing thru’
leaving sorrow close to you.


Allan Sørensen

One day I woke up I found you’ve gone
Why you broke up I can’t find out

I can feel it in the morning in the evening too
the emptyness is still calling calling out for you

You left me love without a warning
you just disappeared
this time will be the last time
there’ll be no turning back

I’m strong and I’ll get over it as time goes by
again you broke this heart of mine
but it will heal this time


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I don´t know if you remember
the girl we met in September
her eyebrows were dark and tall
her hopes sincere but small

Today I met her in the rain
hoping she´d recall but all in vain
she just keep on sitting there
the wind pouring rivers through her hair

I turned my back upon her face
walked as a stone in a case
she took out a book of rhymes
the rain erased all the lines

That´s all I had to say my friend
I have nothing to add but the end
later I heard they caught her in the park
shouting about
who is blind is it I or the dark


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You came in here quite a mess
so I did my very best
to change your apathy

I can lend you open ears
and open arms but can not
change your good or bad luck charms

I said
Go on cry on my shoulder
but you didn´t look any bolder

Your future behind you
and a dream just about two
is all that pale moon
and I can offer you

I can serve you nice hot tea
but can not give you anything
but lukewarm sympathy


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Young women on amazing every days
sandcastles and sunsets in the sands
sunny wawes reflecting in many ways
distant trees asway like waving hands

Clouds in the sky forming strange creatures
flocks of birds giving life to the air
the whole scene shows the wellknown features
the sound of you I know we’re in love there

It doesn’t exist it’s part of what is lost
where are the lips I once kissed
am I left to pay the cost

Life’s a rendezvous I make alone without you
Life’s a rendezvous I make alone without you


Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

My dog and best friend for lord knows how long
woke me up one night, I knew something was wrong
he lay on the floor so very tired
the time had come for us to say our last goodbye

Oh how I cried that night, oh how I cried that night
oh how I cried that night, over my best friend

He gave me so much, I could never repay
and now, now it’s too late
when I think of all the good time we’d spend
so full of love and joy, caring with no end

The very next morning my mind so sad
made him a grave, the worst job I´ve had
I recall all the days so fine, I can’t tell how
I miss that friend of mine

People ask me:
”Are you going to have a new dog?”
I don’t know and even so
my best friend will forever be gone

Oh how I cried that night, oh how I cried that night
oh how I cried that night, over my best friend

Oh how I miss that dog, oh how I miss that dog
oh how I miss that dog, my best friend


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

There´s a dreamer sitting over there
who is he… well noone seems to care

Drinking a beer l ooking all around
in the light you might watch him waste a tear

He finishes his beer gently pays the bill
in his glass a useless tear
shed by a man who got lots of empty time to kill

A girl in dreams wig and sneaky jeans
sitting next to him
try to share his dreams sipping her wine
and tasting the time


Allan Sørensen – Peter Rolnæs

I´ve been away many times
leaving you by yourself
whereever I go I think of you
longing to get home

All alone in my room
in some Turkish hotel
a gentle face comes to my mind
the girl I left behind

Don´t forget me darling when I´m gone
I´m leaving you but not for long
you know I have to go abroad
so don´t forget me darling when I´m gone

You´re asking me will my love grow
baby baby you should know
my love for you will never die


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I have this black cat
peacefully sleeping on my pillow
while you look so sad
helplessly weeping with the willow

I must leave you know
like a bird of passage late in fall
but you’ll recover though
I’ll be too far off to hear you call

One day love you’ll find
the black cat asleep beside you
and someone got you in mind
but soon you must say goodbye too


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Night after night
you find yourself
counting stars healing scars
from someone holding tight

Night after night
you find yourself
losing dreams making schemes
with eyes so dark from light

Night after night
you lose yourself
in heaven´s rain feeling vain
wishing day will enter bright

Night after night
you find yourself
breaking hearts planning starts
with hands of trembling fright

Tight very tight
you hold your hopes
half insane knowing pain
so stoned without the dopes

CD 2


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I don´t know
what it´s gonna be like
to be around
when you´re no longer here
but I can´t figure out
it could be bad

If you go
and then leave for good
without a sound
I will not shed a single tear
but start remembering
all we once had

When we meet with empty hands
some years ahead some years ahead
you´ll smile at me
though it rained all day
and I just can´t be sad

We stop to greet our minds they start to kiss
nothing to be said we just have to be
two meeting on the way both wishing to be glad


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

When we walk home
from autumn’s beach
we feel so alone
all is out of reach

We leave the sky
and prey to the gulls
the waves roll by
and erode the skulls

Yes I sure remember
how it used to be before
in some late September morn’
and I keep recalling
the dim lights falling
when we left the distant shore

Leaving shores mean no encores
or open doors
leaving shores will end no wars
or give the real cause


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

They do not care what you dream deep inside
just as long as you stay where they think you are
we are far away from them all

They can’t explain all the love that you show
as their eyes are blind to all but their nose
we are far away from them all

The sun is setting softly in your eye
this burning day is bound to die
landscapes you knew is fading in the dew
still we hope in words not said
and trust the dreams inside our head


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Take me to your mountain where I haven’t been before
let me see your skyroom where angels guard the door

Fill my heart with anger and let my eyes see sin
make tradition stop now and let future time begin

Here then are your fathers and demons wise and strong
talking to your brothers so grown up yet so young

But where are you tonight
my love and fate’s delight

I wonder if you come or go
I wonder if you hide or show
I wonder if you fade or glow

and I wonder if you keep forgetting
or are you just too tired to know


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Talking to you though I know you’re not around
to tell myself that speaking don’t need a sound

I know that you are living in some other place
I’m sure that we are showing the same sad face

Allthough we are far apart and friends keep telling me you’re OK now
I can tell that you don’t feel that way

Taking all the time
and the clock is chimming goodnight
still the room is full of sun that never fade

Oh, just another day and I’m filling out the moments
in between what was and when – it’s getting late
We’ll meet again

Sometimes when it’s quiet I can hear you cry
the snow is melting slowly still the ground’s too dry…


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Behind the hills the sunset kills
a teenage day too soft
and full of dreams and full of thrills

My recordplayer´s turning round
a carousel of fifties sounds
the first blue jeans the greasy hair
it´s all there

My memories my past
written in the face of time
my memories my past
hidden in your yesterdays
my memories my past
my hopes my future ways
smiling in your open face


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

We avoid no slaughters
we tried to cross all borders
never found trust in justice
thou’ we really sought her

We loved to be at war
to have some fire to cease
followed by honour and peace
our incurable decease

I’ve often looked at mirrors
that didn’t show no face at all
so here I keep some pictures
just in case you asked me
’bout the nature of my race
’bout the nature of my race
’bout the nature of my race


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Walking down tangerine alley in dreams
in blue suede shoes on a day like this
somebody paid my dues
but they gave me no food
I can’t tell you how it is
the jukebox singing my favourite tune
and my darling will be here soon

Walking down tangerine alley in dreams
in my wornout dress on a day like this
but I couldn’t care less
since they gave me no food
awaiting more than a kiss
my baby’s coming down the lane in silversocks
carrying her most awfull beautybox

Walking down tangerine alley in dreams
my babe and hungry me we talk, walk and kiss
till we meet a sign
telling somthing like this:
”A meal for your beautycase”
Oh boy you never saw
such happy faces as we walked out to dine
at a place called ”Love Divine”


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Closing time is all at hand
now you’re there left and lost
what you once tried to find
well it’s now passed and gone

Your mind has lost command
all the rivers have been crossed
and what you once saw in the skies
have now faded in the sun

Yesterday they told me that
you left your home petrified
said so long to all your dreams
everyone all for good

Night was howling like a cat
and clouds fought to keep their size
as painters painted same old scenes
you left it all I wish I could

I do not trust my way of life
and do not fancy how I pass the days
I am a little scared of what I do
and how I make my ways


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

Making coffee and not a clean cup
at your free hand
tapping in tune to Alexander´s
old ragtime band

Taking time to watch the game
fill out your TV
and you lean back in your own world
it´s too easy

We got no cars to disturb us
we don´t care about the motor bus
we just take it nice and really slow
the clock has stopped and will not go

we´re hiding fear and refuse to know
that we´re on countdown to the final zero


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

My love when you came into my life
some grey decembermorn´
I lived on lies, jokes and joy
hide and seek with girls and boys

And then we struggled hard to get
what we now have got
and it is more than much to us
though some may say it ain´t a lot

And now at last I have come through
winter, summer, spring and fall
we had times you know we had
but no complaints from us at all

Love you´re the flower
let me be the ground
to which your life
forever will be bound
love you´re the hour
let me help you pass
the time of day
minutes fly they don´t stay


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

It’s been a dream now
or maybe two
since we saw the sun –
Now I’m smiling back to you
as if it has always shun…

Recall fields of green
grey nights in rain
beaches glitter gold
– Seam like all we have seen
is coming strongly back again…

May seem rather strange
that I adress you so
after all the tears of pain
and sudden change
but I guess it take some loss
to know and some guts to grow


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

You’re growing round and fine these days
When I watch you I can tell your baby’s age
and when you smile you smile the smile
of someone hiding someone’s face

You’re walking and talking your old ways
but when I’m near you I can hear the echo beat
you live a life of one who’s still too weak
to rice and face the days

Time is making ready for a little baby soul
to enter life so steady
singing songs of rock and roll

It’s maybe a lady
it’s maybe a boy
sure it’s a baby
bound to bring you joy


Allan Sørensen – Torben Bille

I was born with a dream in one hand
reality into the other did fall
I was bred under mother´s command
and were not allowed to bother at all

When time came like all I went to school
and couldn´t avoid being used as a tool
they never told me what they were aiming at
silently they sold me – I didn´t know that

I fell in love needless to say
with the willing girl next door
and for a while stopped asking for more
and now I´m on my weary way
to put my questions to the local whore