Allan Sorensen singer-songwriter

Terms and conditions

1. Ordering

Click on “Add to Cart” next to the item(s) you want to buy.
Then go to the “basket” at the top of the page and see the content.
Choose Empty Basket, Buy More or “Go to Checkout”.
Fill in the fields with name, address etc. and click “Go to Checkout”.
In “Cart” you can see what you have bought and at what price.
Then choose the form of payment.

2. Payment

You can pay in the following ways:

A) Via PayPal
You can pay by credit card or if you have a PayPal account
PayPal is a global payment service, and it’s an easy and fast way to pay. With PayPal, you can pay and transfer money without having to share your payment information, and you choose how you want to pay. PayPal payments are also covered by PayPal’s buyer protection and seller protection (terms and conditions apply). With more than 192 million active accounts in 200 countries and territories and in 25 different currencies worldwide, PayPal helps make global trade possible.
PayPal was founded in 1998 and has offices worldwide, including in the Scandinavian countries.

B) Via bank transfer
If you transfer the money directly to our account 3409-11752020, the goods will be shipped when the money has entered our account.
If the item cannot be delivered or rejected due to damage etc., or if you choose your right of withdrawal, the invoice amount for the product in question will be deposited into your account when StagrGroup has received your return goods.

3. Prices

All prices are EURO. incl. 25% VAT. VAT is deducted (-20%) for the Faroe Islands and Greenland as well as outside the EU. Customs clearance, payment of VAT and fees in these countries are not relevant to StageGroup and allansorensen-music.dk.
Reservations are made for force majeure, goods in back order and printing errors.

4. Freight (Free)

No freight will be charged.

5. Shipping

Delivery time: 1-2 working days. Backorder if any you will receive an e-mail with the expected delivery time. If you pay by card, the invoice amount is first deducted on your card when the goods are shipped.
All goods are shipped with Postnord. We deliver the same or the following day. If the ordered goods are in back order, you will receive an e-mail with the expected delivery time. StageGroup cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries, but will always endeavor as fast delivery as possible.
Once you have received your goods, you must compare these with the order confirmation. Check the item / package for transport damage before receipt for receipt, if there is damage to the goods, objection is made to Post Danmark on the spot.
IMPORTANT! If the packaging shows signs of damage when you receive it, open the package in the presence of the postman.
The receipt receipt is the same as saying that the item is in order.
If the item is damaged, the receipt is denied receipt. The postman then takes the package again. Then StageGroup must be contacted.
If you first discover the damage after you have opened the package, you must contact the local post office, or StageGroup.
In order to claim this damage to StageGroup, a complaint must be made to either StageGroup or directly to Post Danmark within 5 working days.
The buyer cannot make damages that are discovered later applicable to StageGroup.
It is important that the packaging is preserved for any later inspection of Postnord.

6. Return of goods

If you have received defective or incorrectly delivered goods, StageGroup must be contacted. We exchange and ship a new item.

7. Invoice

Invoice is sent with the item.

8. Warranty

On CDs, a warranty is granted according to the Buying Act. Should the item not play correctly, it can be returned and exchanged unless the fault is due to user errors, modifications or gross misuse.

9. Security

This is how security works at allansoerensen-music.dk.
Our internet shop works in conjunction with Paypal which is a safe place to redeem.
As long as you look around our website, there is no encryption, but when you enter your payment information, name, address, credit card number, you go into a so-called “safe area”.
The transmission itself is approved and ensures you the greatest possible security regarding the transaction.